Lara’s expertise is in multisensory, phonics-based reading instruction. She uses a sequential and systematic Orton Gillingham based approach to build a solid understanding of the essential skills needed to be a proficient reader. Lara uses formal and informal assessments to learn about each child’s interests, strengths and needs, along with information gathered from interviews with parents to establish the best long and short-term goals and teaching strategies for instruction.  Lara creates individualized learning plans, tailors instruction to each child's unique needs, and carefully monitors progress in order to ensure success.

Her method involves an intensive burst of teaching provided virtually, in your home, or the local library to guide your child to the next level of reading and/or writing. This intervention is designed to be as concise as possible, getting your child to the place where they need to be while equipping them to move forward independently with success. During each session, Lara provides explicit instruction of new concepts and reviews previously learned material. She provides opportunities for students to immediately apply newly acquired skills while reading texts at the appropriate reading level and while playing engaging reading games.

How does Lara's process work?

​​What can Lara do for my child?

1. Phone consultation: 
Before Lara begins working with your child she conducts a brief phone consultation to discuss your child’s needs and set up an assessment appointment.

2. Getting to know your learner and creating a plan:
When Lara first meets with your child she uses formal and informal assessments to learn about your child’s interests, strengths, and needs.  Her findings, along with information gathered from interviews with you and other relevant professionals on your child’s team, will be used to establish the best long term and short term goals and teaching strategies for your child’s instruction.  Lara will also review any existing reports and evaluations performed by other professionals.  She will meet with family members to discuss the results of your child’s assessments as well as her recommendations for instruction.  At this time, a tutoring session schedule will be created based upon the nature of your child’s goals.

3. Starting the journey:
At the center of Lara's work with families is a positive rapport. She has a calm, patient nature and a playful sense of humor that help her to connect with students on a personal level.  Lara believes that interest and motivation are critically important in supporting more thoughtful reading.  She highlights students’ strengths and is intent on creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment for her students so they feel most comfortable to persist and challenge themselves.

Children are naturally curious about reading and writing when what they read and write is engaging.  Lara uses Orton Gillingham techniques and multisensory instruction.  Lara follows the Wilson Reading System sequence on skills, but she will also select (or create) games, books, and teaching materials that appeal to your child’s unique interests.  Lara will check in with you regularly as your child’s literacy skills and confidence grows to share how instruction is going and help you understand how your child’s goals are being achieved. 

You will learn about the strategies that your child is using in reading and/or writing.  In most cases, these are strategies that you and your child can use in everyday literacy experiences such as reading for pleasure, writing a letter, or doing homework.  When appropriate, Lara will work together to teach you how to use these strategies at home.

4. Follow up:
Lara’s goal is to help your child to reach their goals in as few weeks of instruction as possible.  The number of weeks that your child will need will be unique to each individual and based on the rate of progress.  When your child’s instruction concludes, Lara will meet with you to review the strategies your child has learned.  Your child may help Lara teach you how to use some of the strategies.  If your child has another regular caregiver (grandparent or nanny) it can be very helpful to include this person in the final meeting.

If you choose, Lara will follow-up with your child periodically to make sure progress in continuing.  These check-ups make it possible to help your child over any future literacy hurtles before the challenge becomes too great.